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The Chef’s Hat A Point of view By George

How do you feel wearing a chef uniform? Why do genuine chefs wear a cooks uniform?

When a chef put on a cook’s uniform, its more than just putting on a drab overall as many other tradespersons do.

The wearing of a chef uniform inherits an air of authority and confidence unlike any other trade of discipline, it’s almost as if wearing the uniform gives the wearer extraordinary powers of skill grace with a touch of arrogance.

In these unique working clothes, a chef feels emotionally ready for work, properly and comfortably dressed and ready for the daily stresses that unfortunately most will usually encounter in their day to day activity.

The crisp white coat and even the smallest item like a full number of buttons becomes a significant emblem of support and much more than just a protective bit of clothing.

It acts like a super suit of armour that enables one to walk through walls of fire.

Additionally, wearing the hat has a very different affect. Most cooks and chef are indoctrinated to believe a head covering is an essential hygienic part of the protection for both the self and the client, a point that is bitterly disputed by the heavily cropped or bald brigade or most often the undisciplined.

Initially in formative years wearing a hat is uncomfortable and a distraction especially in the environment of a kitchen with low extraction fans. The hat makes the head hot and itchy, and is just another piece of the uniform that needs cleaning and ironing.

Gradually, as a cook matures, they divide into two separate opinions, those who become accustomed to wearing the hat realising it’s a symbolic feature to show one has a particular passion and skill from those who believe it is an antiquated irrelevant and unnecessary distraction.

For those who believe the hat is a symbol, it evolves to become a part of the personality of the person and as the dress each day and will consciously look into the mirror to ensure its sitting at just the right angle and ready for the day’s challenges.

Additionally, those who have long worn a tall white hat, have become dependent upon their living symbol almost as without wearing the hat in daily practice is as disastrous as leaving home without ones wallet.

Together they have suffered good and bad days Times when they thought that is was impossible to continue in this foolish adventure and other times rejoicing together by beating almost impossible odds to achieve the daily mission.