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We welcome applications from qualified chefs or food related experts to join as Chefpedia Contributors.  All contributors will be identified and acknowledged. (See main page for details)

Membership is by application, invitation or by referral. There is no membership fee. Email George If you wish to express your interest to become involved as a contributor.

Chefpedia titles ranging from Chef de partie to Master Chef and is directly linked to the number of their inputs and articles

All approved chefs or experts are identified as a “Chefpedia Contributor” by their name and their current chefpedia label

Qualified Chefs: Qualified related experts:
Title Contribution Label Title Contribution Label
Chefpedia Chef de Partie 1 - 3 CCP Chefpedia Specialist 1 - 3 CS
Chefpedia Sous Chef 4 - 6 CSC Chefpedia Expert 4 - 6 CEP
Chefpedia Chef de Cuisine 7 -10 CCC Chefpedia Consul 7 -10 CC
Chefpedia Executive Chef 11 - 20 CEC Chefpedia Executive 11 - 20 CE
Chefpedia Master Chef 21 plus CMC Chefpedia Master Specialist 21 plus CM

Chefpedia Contributors  Name:  Chefpedia Contributors Label Date Joined
* George Hill C.E.C 12th February 2011
* JorgPenneke Executive Chef - Chefpedia Contributor 05th February 2013