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Certified Chefs - Australia-Click to view a certified chefs' details:

Assessment is based on level of experience and responsibility in combination with examinations with the successful candidate being certified in one of five categories:

- Certified Trade Cook CTC
- Certified Professional Chef CPC
- Certified Chef de Cuisine CCC
- Certified Executive Chef CEC
- Certified Master Chef CMC

The following chefs have successfully undertaken the Certified Chefs Program and having reached the required standards and benchmarks are approved as Certified Chefs:

Adrian Tobin
Anita Nogarotto
Anthony Fullerton
Bharat Desai
Dale Lyman
Darin Wilson
Darren Ho
Deb Foreman
Donald Haddon
Garry Farrell
George Hill
Harley Zukerman
Mike Scheumann
Peter Wright
Rick Stephen
Robert Ford
Ross Howell
Steve McFarlane

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