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My views on "Best" Awards

I personally do not subscribe to the notion of the “Best fifty restaurants in the World”.

In my opinion there is logically no such genuine assessment that can objectively assess the “best” 50 restaurants in the world, nor the best 50 chefs.

We can reasonably classify restaurants into categories like a star system, or gold, silver and bronze, and chefs into trained and untrained, but to attempt to further segment quality and experience is not possible.

There are far too many subjective factors. Yes they may have received acknowledgement for quality from many guests, however this not equate to being the best.

Nor does a restaurant that receives the most votes equate to the best. For example Melbourne has some amazing restaurants and chefs many I would not dare to suggest they are 51st

I would fully accept that the 50 restaurants are in “Gold Class” however, how about the hundreds if not thousands of others who were not assessed.

Like last week, I had the good fortune to lunch at a pub. Frankly fantastic, hot tasty, technically perfect , beautifully presented, good service and value for $ and the added bonus was to watch the three in the kitchen work as a team; that was pure magic especially in a packed house under the pump.

Does that make them the best restaurant in a pub, NO, just Gold Class in food. What I also liked was one of the best menus that I have encountered in ages. It was nice to see on the back of the menu acknowledgement of local suppliers, it was also refreshing to see a simple explanation of menu terms used. And in a rare example patrons knew exactly what they were going to be served, and where the basic product was sourced.

What’s significant - The food did not make a liar out of the menu.

George Sept 2017